The 4th Annual Horrorween Festival

the scream 3

I’m excited to announce our 4th Annual Horrorween Festival here at Scopophilia where we will spend the entire month of October reviewing horror films from cinema’s groovy era. That will be 22 movies in 29 days that will span just about all the horror niches and include horror films not only from the U.S., but globally as well. As a tribute to the late Wes Craven we’ll be including 3 of his from the ‘80s especially the one with the infamous beheading by basketball. This will also include the film debuts of Daphne Zuniga, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Brooke Adams and Natasha Kinski who all began their careers in horror films. The list will be wide and varied so hopefully you’ll be able to find a few that intrigue you and by the time the 31st comes around you can line up a bunch of them to watch at your place and have your very own horrorfest! The first review will be post tomorrow so stay tuned!

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